Lighting, Kerosene and Electric:

Lighting will be all 12 volt and will be a mixture of 12 volt compact fluorescents and halogen pucks. There will also be some LED reading lights over the bunks and in the master bedroom. 12 volt compact flourescent CF bulbs These bulbs came from Real Goods - They call them DC Spring Lamps.
There are some lights that will get little or very intermittent use and I didn't want to spend $12 to equip them with a CF bulb.  I also wanted to be able to replace the bulb in a lamp while on the road where 12 volt CF bulbs might not be available so I made some Edison to bayonet adapters. 12 volt to Edison adapter The bayonet sockets are from the lighted "School Bus" signs that came on my bus.
The top adapter is soldered together, the bottom one is make with a daub of my favorite urethane construction adhesive. single Edison bulb adapters The Edison bases are from a 150 watt outdoor flood and a bad CF bulb.  The CF bulb has wires in it already (be careful not to break the glass when you cut the base off, there's mercury vapor in there) and outdoor floods typically have brass bases you can solder to.
Here's a double bulb version. double bulb adapter The base for this one came from some sort of recessed light fixture I pulled out of the metal recycling bin at the town dump.

Here's the lighting for the dinette, it's an Angle Lamp manufactured by the Angle Lamp company of New York starting in the late 19th century.  The shades and globes are reproductions, but the lamp is probably from the early 20th century. angle lamp installed I bought this lamp on eBay in quite rough shape - you can see it's restoration at The Steampunk Workshop kerosene lamps projects page.
The lamp has two of these unique #3 burners that produce no down-shadow.  This lamp is quite bright, reading by it is very comfortable.  It does produce a bit of heat though so it is good that it's near the forward hatch. flame
Here's a view of the dinette at night, nice and cozy. at night
kerosene electric sconce

I made this combination kerosene and electric sconce for the bath.  I have two different "burners" that can be screwed into the font as needed.  One is a standard #2 kerosene burner and the other is modified #2 burner with a bayonet socket for a 12 volt bulb.  The electric burner plugs into the switch plate seen here below the lamp.

12 volt CF lamps in bed room

These two lamps came from the dump a couple of weeks ago and were perfect for the master bedroom.  They are fitted with a pair of Edison base 12 volt compact fluorescents from Real Goods.

W. T. Kirkman hot-blast lantern Hanging lamp pot lamp cold-blast lantern table lamp unfinished table lamp with 12 volt bulbs

kerosene table lamp
I also plan on a full complement of Kerosene lighting, I have more on making kerosene lamps on another of my websites: The Steampunk Workshop.

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