Beds and Bunks:

The paneling goes in. I made a template to cut these. Making a good template is a key step in getting the panels to fit.
The drawers came from the base of an old waterbed I collected at the dump. The lower left one was cut down to clear the wheel well. Everything is screwed and glued with construction adhesive.
Here are the completed bunks. they are 30" by 75".
The bed in the master bedroom was built in a similar manner with the components of an old water bed. I pulled up the rubber floor and attached the drawer bases to the floor and each other with construction adhesive and mending plates. Base from old waterbed
I cut down the mattress frame to 75" x 54", the size of the futon mattress we'll use, then I filled in the spaces with 2x4s and scraps of 3/4" lumber. The back of the bed is attached to the rear seat mounting bolts with the shipping brackets that held one of the racks of our Beowulf cluster to it's pallet. Um, by "our" I mean the company I work for - the bus does not have a Beowulf cluster - yet. Framing base
I trimmed down the original particle board from the water bed to complete the platform. I'm not sure if I will attach it or just let it sit on top of the frame. There is a nice chunk of space behind the drawers that I would like to maintain access too. Finished bed platform
Latex foam mattresses are pretty easy to cut and a queen is about 60" inches wide, exactly double what each of the kids bunks are. I cut this one in half with a serrated bread knife. Cutting the mattress Let your friends and family know what you need and you'll be surprised what comes your way just when you need it!

My parents got a new mattress and offered us their old one for the bus.
The two halves fit perfectly! bunks with mattresses
I cut down another door for the master bedroom. This time it was a 36" wide door so only two cuts where needed to make it 18 1/4" wide. 3 panel door

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