Cooling the Video Card:

This is the fan that was causing all of the ruckus.  Over time the lubricant slowly turned into glue and the dust particles entrapped wore away at the bearing material until the fan motor rattled and chattered horribly.  You'd never think such a small fan could make so much noise.
nVidia GeForce - OEM
In the future I will steer away from nVidia and ATI cards because of those companies refusal to release details about their hardware that would allow development of open source drivers.

See: Wikipedia: nVidia and FOSS
I pried the heat sink off with a utility knife, it was glued on with some sort of heat conductive epoxy - I was sure I had ruined it when the heat sink came flying off at high speed with a loud SNAP.
video card with pentium III heat sink
I replaced the stock heat sink with a much larger finned heat sink originally intended for a 1 GHz Pentium III CPU.
I goop-ed up the heat sink with some Arctic Silver Alumina and clipped it on.
heat sink clip
These clips are made for hanging X-mas lights from aluminum gutters.
Too bad I loose a PCI slot.
card installed in water cooled pc
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