Cooling the Power Supply:

Copper has roughly twice the thermal conductivity of aluminum, it can also be soldered which makes building copper shapes easier then TIG welding aluminum.
copper plate and tube for heat sink
I found a great local source for metal, they have all sorts of cut ends as well as regular stock.  This 3/16" copper was about $25 ($4.69/lbs).
Here's my first attempt, these pieces were notched and cut with a hacksaw.
PSU water cooled heatsink
The next step was to notch the 45 degree street elbow to slide onto the assembly.
assembly of water cooled psu heat sink
Here's the whole assembly after soldering.
psu heat sink soldered
Cutting and filing the pieces by hand was kind of tedious so I made a jig to hold a length of pipe securely so I could cut it on the table saw.  Note the screw in the channel securing the right end of the copper pipe.
table saw jig for cutting copper heat sink water tube
Here is the water jacket for the second power supply heat sink.  You can see the joints are much cleaner.  I also slightly rounded the end of the 3/16" plate that contacts the inside of the pipe.
second psu heat sink copper parts

I also made a jig for notching the street elbows.
water cooled psu heat sink miter saw jig

This jig is meant for use with a miter saw.
miter saw jig for power supply water cooled heat sink
Here is the second PSU water cooled heat sink assembly. second power supply water jacket heat sink soldered
Both sinks ready to install. both water cooled PSU heatsinks


watercooled pc power supply conversion


I un-soldered the components from the circuit board and used the old heat sinks as a guide for drilling the new ones.  I tried to tap the holes with a 4-40 thread but copper is difficult to work with so I ended up just drilling through holes and using nuts and lock washers.  The original PSU used heat sink compound and silicon pads to mount the TO-220 devices so I did the same mounting them to my heat sinks.


The completed water cooled power supply.  Room was pretty tight after mounting the water jacketed heat sinks.  Next time I think I will make the 3/16" copper plate about 1/4" taller to help it clear some of the other components completed water cooled power supply installed
Here is the water cooled PSU mounted in the Dell PowerEdge case.  water cooled psu install in poweredge case
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